Frequently asked questions


How can I renew my membership? 

By clicking this link Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden ( or simply renew during your next visit to the Garden at the admissions desk or Garden Store. You will be able to use your membership same day. 

I have reciprocal membership through another garden and want to visit Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden. What do I have to do? 

Simply show your membership card from your garden at the admission desk. Please note that this only gets you admission, and not into events. 

How can I check if my membership has expired? 

Contact our membership department at 704-829-1284 or We can also check when you visit the Garden. 

Membership Discounts

Why am I not receiving my membership discount on tickets? 

Make sure you are logged in. When purchasing tickets you will see a sign in button at the top of the screen. You must sign in to receive benefits and you will see those discounts in the cart, which is the last checkout step. If the event you are signing up for is supposed to be free, and the website is asking you for card information, your sign in was unsuccessful. If you are absolutely sure you are signed in, and still aren’t receiving your discount, please call our guest services department, (704) 829-1294. 

Membership Cards 

Can I have a printed card instead of the digital card? 

Certainly, just send an email to or call (704) 829-1284 and let us know you would like a physical card mailed to you. Please include your mailing address in your request. 

I am having trouble with my digital membership card. 

E-mail cuseum at Here are some common questions and answers: Digital Membership Card FAQs (for Members) – Cuseum

Can you send my digital card to a different email? 

Certainly, just send an email to or call (704) 829-1284 and let us know you would like a your card sent to a different email. Please include your email address in your request.

How will I receive my membership card?
You will receive an email from Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden ( with the title Your New Membership (Your Name). It will contain easy instructions on how to download and store your new membership card.

When will I receive my digital card?
Within a few days of your purchase. You are welcome to visit the Garden before you receive your card, we can look up your membership by name at the admissions desk. 

I lost my membership card, can I have a new one?

Certainly, just send an email to or call (704) 829-1284 and let us know you if you would prefer a digital card emailed to you or a paper card mailed to you.

What if I have multiple people on my membership, how will we receive everyone’s cards?
All Household Memberships and above will receive separate emails for each card. These will be sent to the same address unless each member has their own individual email associated with their name. These emails can be forwarded to other members of your household to download in their own electronic device.  You can also “share” the card with a household member by navigating to the back of the card once it is in you digital wallet by clicking the three dots in the top right corner. From there, hit the share button in the top right corner.

Why did DSBG make the decision to transition to digital cards?
Digital cards align with the Garden’s mission, as we go green and reduce our carbon footprint with an environmentally-friendly option. Digital cards provide cost efficiencies not realized with printed/mailed cards and help us to better serve members as they hold information about our benefits as well as direct links to our website and phone numbers.

I have a Premier Household membership or above. How will I receive my complimentary guest card?
You will not receive an extra card for your complimentary guest. On the back of your card it will say the amount of courtesy guest you are allowed and that will be honored at admissions.