Rules for Scarecrow Hollow

Groups are asked to pick a family friendly design for their scarecrow. Scarecrows should be life-size, fun and original, and not too frightening for children. Scarecrows should not be of a political nature, and should not be offensive when applied to generally accepted community standards. Scarecrows should be in good taste.

Groups must submit a design proposal with their intent to participate before August 30 to be considered. We only have a certain amount of slots available and will choose based on quality of the proposal. By applying you are acknowledging that your design may not be chosen. Groups will be informed if their proposal is accepted or accepted pending changes or denied within ten days of receipt. We reserve the right to not display any scarecrow contributed. Scarecrows will stand from 5 - 6 feet tall. We will provide the base for the scarecrow, which will be PVC piping in a cross pattern. The cross will stand 5.5 feet above ground. Five feet from the ground an 18 inch cross pipe will be the shoulders (a base to attach arms) and a 6 inch pipe vertically above that will provide a means for attaching a head. They will be secured at the base by us.

Scarecrows will be displayed in the Lost Hollow and Prairie Gardens.

Decor needs to be securely attached to the PVC bases so as to withstand the climatic elements. They will be subject to wind, sun, rain, humidity, and wildlife. Do not use glass, sharp or toxic materials, items that are easily removable or items that could be appetizing to our local wildlife.

The Scarecrows will be accessible to the public. The Garden is not responsible for items taken from the scarecrows. The Garden will be providing an 8.5” x 11” sign to be displayed with or on the scarecrow.

Participants may also create their own signs to promote their business or cause. These signs may be a maximum of 8.5” x 11” and must be tasteful.

Plots will be marked and numbered beginning August 30. Your top 2 plot choices must be
submitted by September 10. PVC cross bases can be picked up when a display plot is assigned, between August 30 and September 10. Completed Scarecrows should dropped off as arranged.

Installing will be done or supervised by Garden Staff between Sept. 27 and Sept. 30.
Scarecrow Hollow will run through the month of October.