Create a welcoming home for some important bioindicators! Bioindicators are plants or animals whose status in an ecosystem is studied as an indication of the ecosystem's heath. This mean that ponds with lots of frogs or forests with lots of lichen are healthy ecosystems with minimal pollutants. 

How to make a Toad Abode

  1. Find some materials to use as the houses’ base. This could be an old terracotta pot, some large stones, old wood. This home will be outside so only use materials that can stand through some rainy or windy weather! Broken garden pots work great for this project but be careful of any potentially sharp edges! 
  2. Now find a cozy place in your garden or backyard. Find somewhere that is partially hidden from view like just under a bush or against a tree or stump. This will provide some extra protection and shade for our amphibious friends. Arrange the base of your house to allow the frogs/toads to crawl in and out of their new home 
  1. Explore around your house or neighborhood to find some new décor for the home. We have to get them some house-warming presents! Flowers, stones, bark, and a small water dish are all great additions to welcome these friends.  

Good things to know

Our amphibian friends (frogs, toads, and salamanders) absorb their oxygen and drinking water through their skin so shallow water dish with clean water will keep them happy and healthy 

These critters do not like too much sunlight. The sun can dry out their skin, making breathing and drinking water hard for these little friends. They love cool, damp, and shady places to rest, so this home makes for the perfect sanctuary.  

Toads will not give you warts! Even though thats a myth, it is recommend that you should not touch our amphibious friends. Our germs could harm thier sensitive skin!  

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