Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden
Siberian Iris
Iris sibirica

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Poppy or Florist Anemone
Anemone coronaria

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Schweinitz's Sunflower
Helianthus schweinitzii

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Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens
Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden
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Something for Everyone DSBG Events
Green & Growing Fest

Date & Time: Saturday Apr 25, 2009 to Apr 26, 2009
Saturday & Sunday, April 25-26, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Location: Garden

Notes: General Garden Admission Applies
Members free, $10 adults, $9 seniors 60+, $5 children 4-12

Having a garden - and eating food that you grew - is one of the greatest 'simple pleasures' in life. It's also a unique and wonderful way to foster a love of nature and the Earth for the children in your life through activities they can see and touch. Celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day together at the Green & Growing Fest, and discover new ways that you can live greener - benefitting yourself as well as the planet! Learn to eat more 'locally' by meeting some of the talented growers in this region, and sample some of their tasty wares...Explore greener ways to garden...Discover how to nurture the nature in your backyard...Participate in the Great Garden Tree Hunt...In general, have fun celebrating our planet and its amazing nature with your entire family!

How-to demonstrations on gardening basics and fun family gardening projects will be offered throughout the day. Kids will get to pot up their own vegetable plant to take home and plant in their own garden.

Green & Growing Fest will include exhibitors and programming focused on green living. Environmental components of the event will focus on rainwater harvesting, organic vegetable gardening, gardening to attract native wildlife, vegetable gardening for children and more. Growers and producers from Foothills Fresh, a cooperative of growers from nearby counties including Gaston and Lincoln, will bring their wares for sampling and for purchase. Other activities include the Great Garden Tree Hunt, an exploration of tropical food products in The Orchid Conservatory and more.

Shelly Flory, Caricature Artist, will also be on site for this event offering caricature drawings for $5.

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