Art & Orchids 2017

Art & Orchids 2017

Victorian Botanicals

Featuring antique and collectible botanical illustrations of the Victorian Era.

February 3 – March 19, 2017
Exhibition Open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Daily

Free with Garden Admission or Free for Members

print-5Botanical illustrations have served as documentation of an incredibly diverse array of plant species across cultures and throughout history. Such illustrations lined the pages of publications paired with tales of their discovery, medicinal properties, characteristics and more. Colorful images printed from etched plates began to grace the pages of magazines and books throughout the Victorian Era and today those prints remain highly collectible and desirable. The discovery, collection and documentation of orchids in that era drove explorers to all corners of the world in a craze such that it was dubbed “Orchidelirium.” This winter, take a horticultural journey through the Victorian Era with a selection of antique prints from local collector Craig McCausland complimented by a gorgeous Victorian-inspired living display celebrating the “orchid mania” of the 19th century with a hand-selected collection of orchids and tropical plants.

About the Pieces on Display

English botanical illustrator Anne Pratt (1806 – 1893) was perhaps one of the Victorian Era’s best-known and most prolific botanical illustrators. Pratt wrote and illustrated over 20 books and today her work is highly collectible. Discover custom-framed, antique chromolithographs — images printed in colors from a series of lithographic stones or plates — taken from Pratt’s six-volume publication, “The Flowering Plants and Ferns of Great Britain,” dating back to the mid-1800s.

Published by Carl Hoffmann in Stuttgart, Germany, the Handbook of Practical Planning contains stunning hand-colored lithographs of fungi, grasses, fruits, vegetables, trees and more that date back to 1886. Each highly collectible spread contains multiple specimens arranged in beautiful, colorful compositions with identifying labels at the bottom of each page.

The Botanical Register is a stunning horticultural magazine produced in the first half of the 1800s. On display guests will discover extremely rare hand-painted, custom-framed engravings from 1835 paired with the corresponding text documenting the discovery of each plant and their introduction to Great Britain.

Volume IV of The American Flora by physician Asa Strong is an extremely rare volume from a set of four and will be on display. Published in the mid-1800s, it contains 70 beautiful hand-colored illustrations on 44 plates. The series was  Designed as a Book of Reference for Botanists, Physicians, Florists, Gardeners, Students, etc.”

All of these works, framed with custom preservation-quality materials, are being offered for sale. Quickly disappearing from the horticultural landscape, these rare works have now been preserved for generations to come.


2017 Art & Orchid Events Include:


Wee Sprouts

Bring children under two years of age to the Garden for a morning of sensory exploration, singing and fun. This program will explore colors, shapes, movement and texture and a host of other topics in a safe and nurturing environment.

Please arrive by 11:15 a.m. as the activities are designed to be enjoyed for the duration of the program.

Small Stalks

Bring children ages two through five to explore nature in a safe, nurturing environment. Activities may include stories, songs, planting seeds, crafts and play in Lost Hollow.

Please arrive by 10 a.m. as the activities are designed to be enjoyed for the duration of the program (1 hour).

Spring Wreath Making


Welcome neighbors, friends and family into your home using inspiration from spring’s floral palette of color. Jump into the season using a grapevine base to jump start your wreath design and adorn your front door.